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Re: Unofficial Aikido forum FAQ (rated R for immature)

Robert Jackson wrote:
Does anyone know anything about my sensei "Soke Hokey".
lol, lol, IMHO (yeah, like people are humble in aikido), YMMV + other assorted bloody abbreviations which add nothing to the post while increasing readability not one jot - he's the younger less well known brother of that martial art's genius and dance floor guru the Hokey Kokyo Shihan. Soke Hokey suffered from not being able to bring his left leg out correctly, but is otherwise technically competent.

My instructor has been training for 30 years yet is only a nidan is he qualified to teach me?
No, he's obviously a fraud, deny him immediately and begin a search for a higher, more enlightened one, preferably with patches and a white hakama as everyone knows white hakamas are more spiritually impressive.

Ian [off his meds 'cos its Friday]

Oh, almost forgot one - now get back to training (implication, you've stopped practicing as you're now posting on the internet thingy. My duty even though I don't know you is to correct you over this as you're now addicted to posting and will never get back on the mat, also makes me sound wise and mature so I like it)
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