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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

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Then you have such notables as CXW, and LCD and Sagawa stating the whole breath thing is overplayed...
So who -among top notch pros- rather than amateurs and yoga practioners place it as any thing definitive, or should I say defining of their power in practical use ____________________?
I haven't met anyone who does it and it alone who has any sort of unusual and usable power I couldn't walk right through.

I have my own thoughts on it, but I wanted to see where chanting and breathing was going to go.
I have to say, that's pretty weird; I met ZTC and he was *very* into breath stuff as being foundational.

Where did CXW / LCD / Sagawa gainsay that? If anything, I remember CXW saying some good things about breathing on his "Coiling Slightly" set. I'd like to see it so I can study what they had to say.
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