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Re: Aikido and the Floating Bridge of Heaven

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
"all appears through iki" 息 (the heart of the self).

Super cool! Physical reality (the process and result described above as embodied by Ueshiba and others) is in line with his (and other) Religious cosmology each seeming to reflectively affirm the other. In this way Aik isn't a religion . . . it makes the teaching of religion manifest. It "completes religions." I accord my heart with the great source (universe) and the great source (universe) accords with me. I am the Universe.

There is a accordance of the individual specific "Heart leads mind/intent, Intent leads Ki, Ki leads the body" model, and the mythic (commonly reoccurring) model described above . . . if one looks at iki 息 as a combination of its constituent parts.

One more thing . . . isn't the Floating Bridge of Heaven comprised of the 8 opposing forces? Maybe that is something to throw out there as well.

Well, that is my lunch 15 minutes!

Very nice Alan! I really like your reading of the Kanji.

"Iki" is another one of those things that Ueshiba would imbue with multi-layered information. I kind of left it alone this time so that I can go back and do it justice another time, but yes - "iki" is all tied up with the 8 opposing forces, so it all "connects".



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