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Bubbling from the old memory banks is a quote (paraphrased) from M. Saito to the point that when aikido is done properly there is no opportunity for ukemi. That leaves only the injury or the kind heart of the aikidoka to permit ukemi. Seems ukemi is a training tool (which requires nages permission to use) to prevent a trail of wrecked partners as opposed to an actual method or unique element of aikido.
Wasn't it Saotome who said that no one could throw Tohei?
Wasn't the same thing said about Mochizuki and Shioda and Sugino?
Were they not doing aikido.....when they stopped aikido teachers?
Well...dozens of Japanese and Western Shihan later- I have never met anyone who could throw me or others who train this way.
Perhaps Chris is right, that learning the conditioning we now know many of them trained in, cancels everything out and you sort of just fall down for people because they truly have no ability to throw you. But wait, wait...where did they learn that....where did I learn it? Not by taking Ukemi.

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