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Re: Training Internal Strength

Robert John wrote: View Post

Just wanted to say that, as a beginner in the martial arts, you would have an easier time learning this stuff, since many teachers would have to undo years of ingrained habits (moving without IS).. Since there's a fundamental rewiring that has to take place, simply getting past the muscle memory from non IS driven movements can be maddening, and get in the way of learning this stuff.
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I agree with Rob on this. I think as things go forward, this problem (if you look in the archives I already mentioned this) is going to turn out to be one of the major obstacles. It's extremely tough for someone with "many years of experience" in non-I.S. movement to changeover to full I.S. movement. Usually what you get is a partial change, at best, or more probably the case that I mentioned in another thread where someones moves pretty much as they always have and insert some coarse usage of jin/kokyu where they need it in a technique. My experience leads me to bet that this partial approach is going to be the commonest result of "internal strength".

My experiences in a number of workshops over the years is that if a teacher and students come, the well-patterned movements of the teacher(s) tends to slow them down more than newby students.

Very hard-style arts' practitioners can be a worst-case scenario... you can look at it as a case where they have to unlearn so much that it actually puts them further off-base than a newby. In some cases, I have actively (but politely) discouraged some people from coming to a workshop. I thought it would be a waste of their money and the class' time.


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