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Re: Push Test with Ueshiba

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post

So you've chosen to "blend and harmonize" with Jun by posting about immovability here while Jun remains "immovable" about posting about immovability in the "blending and harmonizing" Aikido section?

Who's professing and/or practicing what?

LOL. Funny. Wait til I get out there. We'll work on immovable.

Seriously, Jun's great. I'd rather err on the side of caution and have him move the thread.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Just trying to be humorous rather than just funny looking. BTW, I had a minor breakthrough last night after my student quoted back to me stuff that I shared recently that my sempai wrote down for me not to forget 20+ years ago . . . sh**! (The same sempai that taught me shiko and told me to do it everyday "to get strong" 20+ years ago and I thought squats or leg extensions would be just as good . . . ) Now I'm older and wiser, and older . . . mostly older . . . and fatter . . . oh forget it!

Don't you just hate, but love that? Glad to hear that you had a breakthrough. I'm told I had one, but I blinked and missed it.
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