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Jeremy Cumbo
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origins of the kumi-jo (again)

so in an effort to diversify our dojo's pratice I recently began learning the kumi-jo from online sources to bring into the dojo and teach to fellow students. (you can view some quicktime movies of the kata at and, as a sort of research project for the dojo, I set out to discover where they originated.

I posted a thread on this a little while back and got some insightful answers which lead me to believe that the kumi-jo come from O' Sensei through Saito sensei. ok - easy enough.

So I thought I had it all figured out - had a good source to start learning the kata and where they came from - until my sensei shows me a book by Saito sensei from around 1978(?) depicting the kumi-jo -- but some of the kata were different

so at this point i'm just wondering if any of the old-timers around here can recount how the kumi-jo may have changed over the years (in retrospect it was foolish of me, i guess, to have expected the kata not to have changed). not worried about issues of "authenticity" or any such thing - just interested in learning about the evolution of the weapons forms. any knowledge is much appreciated - thanks in advance.
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