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Re: Strength vs Ki.

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Hi Tony,

shame you couldn't, as the whole weekend was a great experience, enjoyed by all who attended. Dan is a good teacher, who has what he says he has. He teaches with a great deal of humour, patience, enthusiasm and generosity.

Personally I came away feeling that it was time and money well spent. Apart from having the pleasure of meeting and practicing with good people from different styles of aikido and chinese martial arts, I learnt much and am now in the process of trying to integrate this into my own understanding of aikido and how I practice and teach.

I didn't go to see Dan to try and fix anything about my own aikido, I am happy with where I am with that, and I know that my teacher (who Sensei Ellis knows very well, and will confirm) is about as good as they get.

Last week an old shodan student of mine was in the area and came to visit for a session. The feedback she gave to the friend she was staying with (another shodan student of mine) was that she really enjoyed the lesson and that my teaching was somehow 'on another level'. I still teach exactly the same curriculum, however, I know that what I have gained from meeting both Dan Harden and Mike Sigman (neither of whom I was aware of before I came onto aikiweb), has both informed and inspired me to better pass on what I know to my students.

I must admit that I was sceptical of both men at first, but decided the only way to know the truth is to lay hands on both, which is what I set out to do. I'm glad I did, as I am wiser for it.

Glad you had a good time in Japan, the forum has been quite quiet in your absence


That as maybe, but I wouldn't have been here anyways, I was already in Nippon. We have an exercise in T/S called tandoku undo where we use the connection, the point of the exercise to move your partners whilst they resist, not often practised the way I have learnt to apply it...
But there you go..... Most do the exercise solo, but it is incorporated in kata's such as the dai yon of T/S aiki, so it is learnt either way.....
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