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Tony Wagstaffe
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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Graham, "Ki" as you call it is a subtle use of strength used economically and trained body mechanics, nothing more..... When will people get that....? As for IS/IP the same thing in another guise or hype as Dan likes to harp on about and we all know that to, so no surprise there either, but at least I speak my mind.....
The word ki was never spoken of in all the years I practised aikido except by the laziest of people hoping to find it without effort, that is the problem today....

What you do is an exercise form which is great for you, but it would not work in a real scenario where someone is not going to comply with you, and you know it.....!!

If people would own up and call it an exercise system derived from self defence then I would prefer it, but to call it self defence is an absolute joke and if we were all completely honest.....? Well I am and so are a few others on here, but the rest are completely in cuckoo land and in with the fairies, but that's life, full of Walter Mitties and few able to cope with reality.... but who am I ? Just a nobody according to many on here, ha ha!! However I do like your audacity and the way people fawn over your posts, it's quite amusing, keep it up!!
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