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Talking THE REST OF US...

Originally posted by MikeE
So, does this mean the rest of us practice "unreal" Aikido?
Man, do I feel ashamed.
KAMI : Oh, yes...In the same way that, when people say they do "Traditional Aikido", they're implying that the rest of us do "un-traditional"(???) Aikido.
Or worse, when they say they do "combat Aikido" which implies that we are "non-combative"...
Or "hard Aikido" (what does that make us? Jelly?...)
Ach, so! Anyway, I may not like you but I would like to know if your technique is good or not without any personal bias.
Let's see other opinions

"We are all teachers, and what we teach is what we need to learn, and so we teach it over and over again until we learn it".
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