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Re: does nikyo hurt?

So, while I think it's great that people have these amazingly powerful nikkyos - it would be even better if people were dissecting (in my opinion) what were the body mechanics that enabled these things. Were they taking advantage of your "joining" with them? Were they exploiting holes in your structure? Were they taking your balance in such a way that you couldn't escape? Do you know how to do what they were doing now? If not, why not?? I'm not looking for buzzwords, hero worship or "my sensei's nikkyo can beat up your sensei's nikkyo" - how's it work?

For example - something I can do. I can lock up your structure with a nikkyo just using my structure (through the standard grip), but if I show you the trick of how to receive my structure with your structure, then it won't work the same way. But if I add additional jin vectors to the equation, it does work, until I show you how those work and how to receive them. Then if I add dantien driven work to the nikkyo, I can lock you up again and so on and so on. There's layers of sophistication that you can apply which make the technique such a good study (beyond wrist lock), but the "how's it work" bit should be paramount otherwise we're just admiring (or denigrating) each others' nikkyos.
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