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Re: Why people don't like Aikikai?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Jergen,
If an organisation fails to change or adapt where necessary , it may well become redundant in time.Fruitful cooperation between groups are always welcome.Nevertheless there can be occasion where for one reason or another a fruitful cooperation between parties is not always the case,Tohei Sensei /Aikikai for example is the classic case in point. Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe
You are right that sometimes a breakup is unavoidable. My point is - and it might just be semantics here - that it is not fair to say the it is due to 'organisation failure' issue. I think the Aikikai should further develop their structure with respect to what they perceive good Aikido is. If this is not aligned with everyone in the organization - and it most likely will not be so - then it's NOT the organization that is failing. Neither are. Sometimes a split is unavoidable, but chalking it up to being somebodys fault is not the right way as I see it.

I have a small dojo, and I teach Aikido the way I think it should be. If some of my students decides it is not what they want then I will be happy to help them find what is right for them - be that boxing, Yoshinkan Aikido, fencing or what ever. I don't change my teachings to suit the requests of my students. Of course I listen to them, and I get influenced, and I use their comments to reconsider what I'm doing, but in the end I need to decide what I believe is right, and teach that.

The Aikikai needs to do the same. Stick to what they think is core and listen to those voices that speak up in a respectful manner and work the system.


- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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