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Re: Why people don't like Aikikai?

David Orange wrote: View Post
Though aikikai would have us believe they are ordained directly by God, I have searched my Bible and I went online for various translations and I find the aikikai nowhere among Jesus' topics of discussion!

I think it's the spell checker on here. At first I liked it, but then I realized that it was converting "aiki" to "wiki" without my realizing it. Then I saw that "kiai" changes to "kiwi". You really have to be careful! I wrote "reigi" and it "changed it to "reign". I knew I didn't type it that way, but if you're a fast typist the word changes after you've breezed on past it. [/rant]

More fun than the law allows...

Wow... the spell check made my post so much more entertaining.... alas my intention was to write 'Chris'... not to drag religion into this.

Guess I should slow down my typing a bit and pay more attention to the details. Come to think of it, the same thing applies to my Aikido

Now I'll be off to the dojo for my next lesson. I believe it is 'walk on water' or 'feed the hungry' today...


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