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Lightbulb The Meaning of Lite

Change "t" upside to "f" downside and what is found at:
is enough.
Speaking of biology. I believe that life is defined by five criteria, the first two were mentioned:
1. The ability to respire.
2. The ability to replicate.
Why play at semantics?

Meaning is what many try to give to their life.
I went through a phase when my quick answer to to this question was "progeny" (both physical and philosophical). In the true spirit of the question, I would now have to say that to ask the question at all is the answer. "We are the universe trying to understand itself."

The paradox is beautiful. Join in the hunt for the perfect Easter Egg when there are a semi-infinite number of eggs being left behind by a bunny that drops multiple creations for every one that is found.

"One does not find wisdom in another's words." -James D. Chye
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