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I must apologize it was not fair to me to make assumptions. I was under the impression from reading previous posts by Anonymos and someone else that the conclusion was the sensei was attracted to Anonymous.

It maybe unfair tthe sensei isn't part of the discussion, so we have a oe sided discussion.

Now that the dynamics of the situation has changed and more information is on the table adds a new complex dimension to Anonymous' concerns.

Anonymous, braking into to what you allude to as the inner circle that you feel excluded from is something best brought to your sensei's attention. If you don't feel you get the answer you are looking for then it is time to move on. No sense in staying in a place that makes you uncomfortable and unhappy.

Facts state far less women are drawn to Aikido than men. There are more male run donors then famale. And not because women are inferior or are restricted from the opportunity. It is just a matter of
Interest. That means the likely hood of your next dojo is going to be male domiÓnate. That is the gender hazard.

I joined a female run crafts class / group with my wife. The class was all women
Talk about an inner circle and the issues that concern you where worse. The women eventually ran me out of the class. I was sad the women consired to so one such a thing with provacation, just because i was the only guy. That I was invading a women's club.

It seemed so hypocritical. Our first child was a year old and I wanted to share with my wife in preserving memories qith my wife. I was tjere to learn. To learn how to make a baby photo album and scrap book. But I was run off as I said. I understand your situation.According to
what you have said you have put in some time in the dojo and have a rapport with the sensei to be able to speak with him.

Just curious, why haven't brought this to the attention of your sensei right away? Are you uncomfortable to do so?
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