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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
You might have educate me a little more on the terminology here: I thought IP (internal power) was the engine that is supposed to have driven the kind of strength that made Osensei immovable to Tenryu. I would equate that to kokyu-roku (teachers often say "onaka kara no chikara" - power from inside). It seems to me that the awase Alexander sensei is talking about is not kokyu-ryoku (IP).
The "AWASE" concept really sounded to me like all of the stuff I try to work on that is supposed to happen before or without regard to any physical contact. Things that have to do with timing, awareness, communication, etc...I don't see IP having any bearing on these things, whereas I see them as all (including IP) as facets of aiki.
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