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Walter Martindale
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Re: Being overly complaisant as Uke

I've had instructors who have actually punished people for being "too compliant" - the uke goes with (or even ahead of) the nikkyo, sensei warns uke not to go until it's "on", continued over-compliance gets dealt with in the "pin" - where sensei pushes the limits on the pin to the point where the uke can't use his arm for a few minutes after the demonstration - nothing's broken, but the message from sensei is:

Look, I can, if I choose, rip your arm off at any moment - I won't, but you have to offer SOME resistance or require SOME work from me before you submit to the technique - don't lead me in my technique - so - yes, your arm hurts, but it's still attached, please give me something to work with next time I'm demonstrating... Make me throw you, don't throw yourself.

I've had the experience of practicing with people who threw themselves and others who required that you actually do something. It's a wake-up call when all of a sudden there's a person just standing there - not really resisting, but also not taking a dive. Instead of getting upset with the person who was just standing there, I got up with myself (and with the diving team)...

Throw me, or I'll just stand there (and possibly apply a counter)... and either help you figure out how to throw me (if the situation is appropriate) or ask the sensei to help us figure out how my partner can throw me...

One sensei said "Help him - no just let throw, make him work, help him learn."
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