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graham christian
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Re: Toheis five principles of Aikido

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post

these 5 principles are fundamental to me as I have practiced with them on the dojo wall since I started.

As a teacher walking round the mat, watching what each student needs some input on, these principles underly every adjustment that needs to be made. Of course the focus of the adjustment is often postural/structural, but underneath is always one or more of the principles not being followed.

These 5 principles are not just for the dojo though, they are just as relevant to everyday life, and those of us who practice with those principles as a matter of course, try to put them into practice all the time. Not always easy, I find life outside the dojo can throw you some mean attacks. The dojo is a relatively benign place, compared to what real life can throw at us.

So much of aikido philosophy is useable in the everyday context, but these 5 principles are a simple uncluttered set to live and practice by.

In the question that Mary put to Graham, I don't think you can ever really know what is in someones mind, each individual has their own subjective reality, which is personal. However in the context of aikido, I agree with Graham in that it is the intent (to strike, to grab, to cut) that is, in that moment, what you know.

As for the lack of debate, well it is a bit surprising that there isn't much more of one. But there seems to be little argument to be had, over solid principles that work.


Hi Mark.
Glad to see you commenting as you no doubt are a good representative for the principles of Toheis Aikido.

I posted it because I believed many thought they knew yet by their comments I could see they didn't.

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