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Re: Toheis five principles of Aikido

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Can you help understand this?

I do have a question about "Knowing your partners mind"...
I can know what is happening with my partner at the moment that we call now... and I wouldn't call it knowing my partner's mind...
Hi Mary.
Yes I agree that through the point of stillness or now you can do so. I equate this with true mind through which you can know.

I will add here that when I was taught these principles we for the most part left that one as something we would understand eventually and what you say is what we eventually found also.

On the next rule of respect your partners Ki we were taught that lead your partners ki was part of that one discipline or rule.

It now makes sense to me as once you 'know your partners mind' you are in fact in 'now' and so are completely aware of the partners intention (mind) and thus the direction of their Ki and by respecting that can harmonize with it and lead it. So number 2 leads to number three.

So in very simplistic terms it means know the intention.

This is how I see it.

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