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Re: The etymology of Kote Gaeshi

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
Hey, this reminds me of a joke.

Q: Did you hear that they dug up Beethoven's Corpse?
A: Really?
Q: Yeah, do you know what it was doing?
A: What?
PL: Decomposing!:
Wait for it ... <<Cue Chorus>>
♪♫ They're decomposing composers
there's less of them every year
You can say what you like to Debussy
but there's not much of him left to 'ear.. ♪♫

Claude Achille Debussy, died 1918
Christophe Willibald Gluck, died 1787
Carl Maria von Weber, not at all well 1825, died 1826
Giacomo Meyerbeer, still alive 1863, not still alive 1864
Modest Mussorgski, 1880, going to parties; no fun anymore, 1881
Johann Nepomuk Hummel, chatting away nineteen to the dozen with his mates down the pub every evening 1836,
1837, nothing


Erick Mead
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