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Ai symbol Re: Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Seminar in Virginia

Having been mislead in the past about budo and aiki, I'm not sure what is worse. But I think more people are affected than just people who are deceived by a malicious trickster. The path of discovery about stories told to you by an external source is very much the same as the stories many of us tell ourselves about our own training, own skill, and ability. How you handle things when you get a wake up call makes all the difference.

The important thing is to accept the discoveries (i.e. truths or approximations thereof) you come to realize for what they are, get over the cognitive dissonance that you are not what you once thought yourself to be (visa vis membership in an organization or skill levels you once thought you had), might not have the friends you once did, be the person you thought you were, and move on to better training if you can find it.

As for the deceivers, who knows what makes them tick. But, we all have work to do.

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