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Geoff Flather
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Smile Re: I have a good question for all your aikidoists

Thank you Lee,

I agree with much of what you have written.

I am also delighted to read what you have written, could you supply me with names addresses ? I will attempt to initiate contact or an introduction, when I next go to Japan through my contacts there.

I was not in my reply, saying or stating that there was not anyone who reached the Aikido Standard, I was simply attempting to process the thought that because we study Aikido, does not necessarily produce that standard in all of us , although perhaps it should, if our teachers were equal to that standard of Aikido !

Thank you for your communication, and apologies to Louis as I seem to have produced a new thread ? unintentionally. I would prefer to hand it back to you Louis.

We have to evaluate all we come into contact with through our own experience, and in the end resolve issues from that experience. Rightly or wrongly. Hopefully on the best advice and knowlege at that time, but prepared to change our minds and actions when we do. With in the context of all considerations placed upon us ie Law, Philosophy, Family, Work, Accademic Knowledge, and not least Aikido etc.etc.

Thank you again for promoting this thread Louis.

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