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Lightbulb Direction for Projecting Energy

I'm still training in aikido (with the aikikai) regularly, and I notice I sometimes stumble on a weirdly simple problem: as nage and uke, which direction should the energy go?

For example, nikkyo ura: I've been told it's supposed to go towards the centre (like a lot of other techniques), but is the energy supposed to go into the ground eventually? I can feel that some practitioners redirect a lot of that energy into my wrist or another joint, and I end up tapping out because of the pain. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the same thing to them. For years, I found maybe 2 people who can do nikkyo ura without any pain, but "swoops" me into the ground with it. Ideally, I want my nikkyo ura to work like that without any pain. Are they redirecting the energy to the ground? Is the energy technically spiraling downwards or straight to the ground? Unfortunately that was years ago when I experienced that and I'm not sensitive enough to know the energy directions so specifically.

Then there's the idea of "resistance". When there is resistance, I think I feel like the energy gets absorbed by uke, but sometimes once in a while it feels like it goes somewhere else. Is it gone to the ground? Is letting the excess energy go to the ground the safest way to take ukemi in general?

Any thoughts for training safer and where the energy goes, let me know! I'd like to learn more about this. Hopefully I am on to something.
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