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Re: "solo" training?

Solo aikido training is difficult, especially if you're pretty new to it. Here's an idea for something you can try, that might be both fun and educational:

Part 1: practice tai sabaki (footwork). Start with the basics. Every step you make, check and correct, check and correct. Are your feet where they should be, lined up as they should be? Is your weight where it should be? Are your hips oriented correctly? Check and correct. Do that until you are doing the basic tai sabaki correctly, then start to combine them. Irimi tenkan. Irimi kaiten. Et cetera. Again, check and correct, check and correct.

Part 2: go to youtube and find some aikido videos of techniques that you know. Watch the videos and identify the footwork being used. Is this how you're used to seeing it done? If not, how is it different? Could it be done another way?

Footwork is one of the most fundamental skills in aikido, and I think that for most of us, the ability to observe is another. Trying to practice waza without a partner is probably a waste of time, but perhaps you can get some good practice of some of the skills that are the foundation of waza.
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