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Sheldon Verbeke
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Re: My Jiu Waza Needs Help

What They Said... seems I'm a li'l late...

Pretty much everything I thought of adding has already been said and then some except one personal touch.

It has been noted that moving towards the attack allows you to begin blending while Uke is formulating thier attack..... my little tidbit.... In doing so you're not only begining the blend but also controlling Uke's centre and taking their balance without their really knowing it's gone until far too late. If you're doing jiyu-waza with a single uke, stay on top of them by following in after you've moved through zanshin. If you've got multiple uke use them as blockers for the other attackers, it'll keep them busy... ;-)

Personally, I just completed my grading for Sandan and have to say it was the Best I've ever done.
Picture this if you will... up on the mats facing three Uke, one open handed, another with tanto and the third has his bokken... me... broken li'l toe all taped up (thanks to my youngest who waxed our wood floors the day before my test, helping Mum ya know, without telling anyone he did), buggered knee (old fart syndrome), and hernia (found out week after the test).... Best... you might ask... absoluteIy... can't remember a thing about it.. really, haven't the foggiest what I did. Friends watching were all amazed, or so they say... prolly just makin fun of me again!

my 2 n 1/2 cents...

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