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Re: talking and listening

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That would lead to continued conflict.

I don't quote Ueshiba so you might be right in your reasoning and yet the other point is so interesting to me. Maybe you can do as Jun and Janet suggested, if you don't agree you could start another thread about this topic.
So, let me get this straight ...

You want to talk about the world of aikido that you know.
I asked about the world of aikido that I know and want.

Your answer was to split the world in two and allow each of us to have half? Sort of like an orange?

The difference being that you want to split the orange, er world, and I asked questions trying to carry the conversation further ... into an area where perhaps we both could function. You won't know that until the conversation is had.

But, perhaps you're right, perhaps it is best to split the orange, er worlds, and each take a half. But, then I'm confused about your original post...
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