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Fred Little
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Re: talking and listening

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
How do you explain some of what Morihei Ueshiba is supposed to have said? For example, according to Admiral Takeshita's diary, Ueshiba supposedly said, "Aiki is a means of achieving harmony with another person so that you can make them do what you want." To me, if I apply that to your example, if one man used aiki, he would have the orange while the other man did not. How do you see Ueshiba's words in your example?
With all due respect, Mark, I would ask that you publicly answer the following questions prior to responding to Mary:

What is your current level of active engagement with Aikido practice?

Who were/are your direct Aikido instructors?

How much direct experience do you have with Aikido practice?

Are you still a global climate change denialist?

Are you now or have you ever been a bible-thumper?

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