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Irimi Nage

Hi guys, I want to ask about the elusive Irimi Nage

How do you train your irimi nage in your Dojo? Do you try to faceplant your uke to the mat, then wait for them to recover and do the cut a la hombu dojo? Or do you do simple iriminage, just enter, hold the head, then cut? Or both? My dojo's training is like the 1st form of this clip (00:14 - 00:20), enter hold the head, and cut. and the second form (00:34 - 00:44), enter, hold the head, tenkan with it, and cut down.

When holding the head, which one do you prefer? Hold the side of neck? Grab the gi? And why?

Currently, in my dojo, we're trying to try the third form of that clip, but it's really hard to push the uke off-balance till they almost kneel to the ground like that, how do you do it? Is it because of the compliance of the uke? Because, the first time we try it, the movement doesn't feel natural at all, especially at 00:54 where after nage took uke's balance by trying to faceplanting him, uke still do a two step forward to nage's side and getting ready to be thrown. One of my sensei told me that in order to achieve that, the uke must "know the choreography" or in other words, it's a specific step that uke must learn in order to be thrown into a high fall like that. Hence, explaining the extra steps. Is that true? What do you guys think?

Sorry for the long questions Irimi nage is my favorite technique, so I want to learn more. Thank you
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