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Re: Kuzushi on contact

I think when you're doing the right stuff you are concerned about maintaining the purity of ground/gravity forces working through you (ki of earth balanced in man in the heaven/earth/man schema - interestingly is no one here as far as I have seen has displayed any info on the ki of heaven). The four-legged animal image (cuz keep in mind, it's an imagery device to get you to do something you aren't going to inherently choose to do based on your every day movement - not a "here's how to do a technique or application") assumes and invokes that base foundation of balancing the ki in you and starts down the path of using your dantian to then convey the balanced forces in you to or through another point in space (conversely it also presumes when someone gives you force it's either absorbed into a void you manage - another kind of four-legged animal, or deflected into the other person's balance hole, again invoking, you guessed it, ding ding ding). I've been amused at reading the notion that you're training to give up your center while doing it, but people are going to think what they think based on what they've seen and been exposed to.
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