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David Orange
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A Challenge Issued

Jim Sorrentino wrote:
Since he has much to tell us, I have offered him the opportunity to show us.
I have to weigh in here in agreement with some others who have provided historical, traditional precedent that if you want to see what Dan does, you need to go to his place and see. I don't know of anyone who would agree to go to you and show you their material and IF you like it, you will cover their expenses and maybe pay them something for their trouble.

Dan has offered to show you and some of your friends at his location for no charge. As someone else suggested, you can end all the back-and-forth and snide comments by taking the money you proposed giving Dan and using it to make the trip to him, as is the traditional way of handling these things. Dan has even offered to let you film the interactions.

Since you have made the challenge, it really is your responsibility to go to him. If you don't want to accept that, then you should let it go. Otherwise, it just looks worse and worse.

Best wishes.


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