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Re: The Sixth Sense

I used to work in a steel factory and once people discovered I did marital arts ... I got all sorts of hassles, not to mention the nickname, Cane. People jumping out at me etc. It must be some kind of daft human trait. After awhile you get used to it, I guess. Nothing to do with a sixth sense though. You can just tell that something is up - so you wonder, "Hmmm. Where's Chris gone?" and as you open the door you expect a cup of water to fall, or when walking around the corner you half expect him to jump on you. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. But when he does, and you're half ready, ... so he gets the shock of his life and all you did was tenkan. And to catch that cup of water as it falls - wow (but you half knew it, so it's not sixth sense). I guess we had our share of laughs. Anyway, sixth-sense for me is just tuning and using the five you have well.

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