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Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer
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Re: The Sixth Sense

Awareness is something you train all the time, constantly, whenever you train sincerely and seriously. Anticipating and blending with your partner's moves and intententions, avoiding bumping into others on a crowded mat, taking care of a newcomer and making sure he is comfortable, cleaning the mats before class, taking care of the dojo, all this trains your awareness. The other important thing, I think, is having a clear and open mind, the empty mind of mushin, where you can look at a tree and see every single leaf because you do not focus on one single leaf. Meditation certainly helps in achieving this, but sincere training is very much like meditation in this respect. Many sensei said that training is like cleansing the mind, polishing the mind like wiping dirt from a mirror and making it shine and reflect the world. So I don't believe that it is necessary to do something special if you want to increase your awareness. Just train and be sincere about it.
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