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Kalle Koskinen
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Aikido in Bangkok

I haven´t written english in a long time, so there is bound to be lots of mistakes.

My wife is going to Bangkok in summer 2006 and she is studying there for three months. Naturally I´ll be going with her to take care of our children.

I don´t know much about Fukakusa and his way of teaching aikido. Have anyone from this forum trained under Fukakusa + other teachers in Bangkok? I´d be glad if someone could tell me something that could be useful information. Does he teach technique against punches and kicks, how about the use of atemi, effective throwing etc etc.

Also other info on good dojos in Thailand interests me. I heard that in Pattaya there is a dojo where Yoshinkan-aikido is the main style and I´d would like to see it. If there are dojos where Kuroiwa´s and Nishio´s style of doing aikido is practiced I would like to hear from them.

So pretty much effective and strong aikido is what I´m interested in. But I´ll be open to any suggestions. I even plan to try some thaiboxing for the knowledge of using elbows and knees.
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