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Re: Combat and war affecting the early training training of Aikido

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Are you a Marine by chance?

Yes, MCMAP did a more deliberate job of linking their program to Warrior Ethos than the Army did. There were a number of reasons for this difference, but mainly cultural and institutional differences between the Army and Marine Corps. Matt Larsen, who founded the Modern Army Combatives Program could not have "sold" the MACP program to the army in the same way the Marine Corps did. Both programs do acknowledge that the primary purpose of the program is to reinforce or instill Warrior Ethos.

I'm at a unique crossroads at my current position. I run a club here in Germany with MCMAP instructors, MACP instructors, BJJ blue, purple, and brown belts, and COL Bristol, the founder of MCMAP is our senior mentor here as well. In addition the founder of LINES, Ron Donvito is a good friend of mine and I train with him once a year. LINES preceeded MCMAP and it is interesting to hear Ron's perspective as well as COL Bristols on the evolution of Martial arts/Combatives Training in the Military. Also, Matt Larsen, the founder of MACP is a good friend of mine who I talk to on a fairly regular basis. So, I am absolutely fascinated to look at the evolution of "modern budo" within the military and how the past informs the present and future.

I am sorry that this kinda is off topic, but I think if you are going to discuss how War informs things like Aikido, it is important to consider the spectrum of social, polictical, and institutional factors, as well as the current war time environment and the impact they have on Modern Military Budo/Combatives.
Yes, I am guilty of being a US Marine. I actually enlisted during the transitioned from LINE to MCMAP and was maybe the second or third class to do MCMAP in bootcamp (that Discovery Channel special about MCMAP was filming when I was there). I always thought Col Shusko was the MCMAP founder, but I did a Google search and found he's the director. MCMAP is definitely a hotly debated subject in the Corps, I guess I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, none of my combat experiences got me much closer than 25 yards in an engagement so never used H2H, but I have a couple friends that have. I think a emphasis should be place on riot control and allot that space to detainee handling as any unit can be cannibalized for detainee ops, and many units can be in a situation where an LN may need to be detained. This could also be useful for those who integrate and work with Afghan National Security there is a sad frequency of TB amongst their ranks.

I was in Stuttgart for a couple days before headed to work with MARFORAF, wish I could have explored it more but I was in and out. I was also supposed to go to Garmisch for a month or so but it got cancelled, which was a big a bar near my house is doing a Germanfest celebration, so I have that at least!

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