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Re: Combat and war affecting the early training training of Aikido

Fred Little wrote: View Post
In the interest of completeness, while it can be argued that Kisshomaru did not see combat at the front lines it should also be pointed out that Kisshomaru did experience the fire-bombing of Tokyo at first hand. On the other hand, while Ueshiba M. and Tohei K. were in military service in war zones (the former in the Russo-Japanese War, the latter in the Chinese colonies of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere as part of an army of occupation), the accounts of their experience with combat is curiously thin, given the historical Japanese penchant for extensive documentation of all such accomplishments (and the tendency toward self-aggrandizing use of such documentation for purposes of gain which has been a feature of Japanese military life for centuries). Is it possible that both of them had experiences which allowed them to romanticize what they hoped to -- but ultimately did not -- experience?

In other words, one might reasonably ask if the "experience of war and its horrors" was something with which Ueshiba K had much deeper experience than either his father or his one-time brother-in-law.

It would require more information than has been widely available to even begin to give that question the careful examination it may well deserve.

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You have a good point. Doshu although he did not participate in military action did have first hand experience of the effects of the war through the bombing of Tokyo. I do think witnessing the acts and atrocities of war as a bystander vs being on enemy territory with sights set on you and your sight on the enemy are different. Your duty in this foreign land is to kill the enemy by any means necessary and try not to be killed in the process. It is a hard thing to process for me since I have not been in the military or had to experience anything like the atrocities of war.

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