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One thing about Aikido, that it is not koryu (traditional style - old school). It is not technical based teaching, it's principle based instead. Everything is taught to the students from day one. It is all in the aiki-taiso.

All the techniques practiced are used to give some examples of the application of Aiki. Technically, Aikido will develop differently with each practitioner. It depends on each body, mind, and spirit. That is why there are so many styles now in Aikido.

I smile everytime somebody say that they have created a new technique or a new system. Because, nothing is new, everything is already put into practice in the past. They are just re-discovering it.

In time, every aikidoka will develop their own Aikido. For example, take a close look at every shihan, there is actually no standard in Aikikai. My experience is, everytime a shihan visit us from Japan, one shihan is always different than the other. Each do the techniques slightly or even more so very differently. But, they are all based on the underlying principle of Aiki.

To me, wether it is Yoshinkan or Aikikai, Tomiki or Ki-no-Kenkyukai, the founders are all students of Osensei or the students of his students, and so on. They are all Aikido.

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