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Re: Are you training just techniques? Or something more?

You did a better job of wording it than I did Mr Gano. I teach Tai Chi to a group of patients at a cancer center. When I am teaching alignment, balance, and integration, I am quick to say, "This came from how to hit someone harder but this is also how you open a heavy door or carry groceries or pick up your grandchild with less fatigue and strain."

Some of the books out there like "Giving in to get your way" talk about using Aikido off the mat in an interpersonal relations theory format. I respect the work, but I don't always bring this aspect off the dojo floor into other aspects of my life. The comparison felt a little forced to me, and I never had a sensei discuss this with me. But, most of us have little to no training in how to relate to others and any framework is likely an improvement over no framework.
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