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Re: Are you training just techniques? Or something more?

For me the main point to training is in the process of approaching the techniques. In a nutshell I'm trying to constantly ask myself to pay more attention to everything, and through the flow/process of practice, different things arise grabbing my attention...some of which I want to stay so I can focus more on them, and some of which I want to look past so I can work on what seems more important. So while the direct object of my focus might be something like how to do the parts of irimi nage and string them together into a whole, I am also working on my mental state. Mustering as much attention to the technique as possible develops mental focus (depth and breadth) and awareness of space and timing, things which readily apply to anything else I can think of. Then add the more "human" elements of personality and body differences, and for me it starts to really become an analog for the rest of my life.
I like the utility of martial arts, but I also see plenty of utility in martial arts, and for me the latter gets used while the former really has yet to (knock on wood)...apart from rough housing with my sons.
...So like John, for me it's not technique "or" something more, but rather technique "and" something more, but the something more applies much more readily to daily life.

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