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Re: Spiritual Power

Keith Gates wrote: View Post
Firstly thank you for starting an interesting thread.

The background to this conversation seems to be in part from a disagreement as to the origins of Ueshiba power.

I think it is critical that we are clear in the distinction between the physical skills he possessed and the spiritual awareness he was renowned for. Nobody in their right mind would deny that much/most of Ueshiba's physical martial skills came from Daito Ryu. Also I doubt anybody would question that the ongoing spiritual training enhanced his understanding. Aikido is a blending of these two reference points. Is it really necessary to argue which is more significant. From my point of view they are both equally important to Aikido in its entirety. There is little doubt in my mind that the spiritual aspects of Aikido and the physical aspects go hand in hand and both are worse off without the other. They are not mutually exclusive, not the contrary from an Aikido perspective they are dependent upon one another.

Hi Keith.
Thank you for the interest.

The background to this thread is partly as you say but much more to do with my understanding of Aikido.

I agree that the spiritual, the mental and the physical go hand in hand. I talk of the spiritual as it is the least understood not because it is mutually exclusive.

It would not in fact be true to say that most of his martial skills came from Daito ryu in my opinion as they came from many sources. In fact he equated Kendo more with Aikido at times. However, the form of techniques are more related to Daito ryu.

For me only the understanding of the spiritual will lead to understanding his Aikido for the spiritual principles, the universal principles he was insisting need to be learned and understood lie on the path he described as Aikido.

From such a view the fallacy of power can be seen as used by ego.

As Aikido for Ueshiba was more of a path towards enlightenment then an egoless view is vital to it's full understanding.

Ego follows the opposite path and justifies it as the same or even superior for such is the way of ego.

True spirit does not seek power for it is untouchable and thus power to me is the complete opposite of Harmony.

I am therefore not against such ego style aiki or cravings for power, I am more interested in sharing with. If ego sees this as opposition or whatever then such is to be expected.

In my view all Aikidoka of any significant time of training have experienced glimpses of what I say during their practice and have been shocked or astounded for at these times it feels like you did nothing.

It is shocking or astounding because it doesn't fit the persons assumed view at the time, to do with strength and power and physical something.

These points are the entrance points towards what Ueshiba was saying and doing.

I think ego seeing this can only translate it as power and want it and thus misses the point completely.

So although you may or may not agree with how I put it I do agree with what you say. It is critically important to distinguish both the skills and the spiritual awareness.

Such is my view.

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