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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 6

I probably should not reveal this, but I have actually planned to write 15 columns under the general heading of Transmission, Inheritance and Emulation. The remaining columns of the 15 are now at various stages of completion. However, I keep extending the series, to take account of the various comments made. The series is meant to 'flow' in a general direction from Morihei Ueshiba to his great-grandson Mitsuteru and offer a general historical survey of aikido, as it evolved from being the Founder's brainchild into something much more independent. However, the issues involving World War II deserve separate treatment.

The present column is a general sketch of some of the issues involving World War II. The next column (TIE 7) will look at Omoto and kokutai / nationalism more closely. This will be followed in TIE 8 by a closer look at the iemoto paradigm (how it differs from a ryuha) and at the whole issue of Iwama. TIE 9 will resume the general 'flow' and start to examine Kissomaru Ueshiba's contribution to aikido.

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