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Re: How does training with the Bokken Help to improve my Aikido?

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
I don't really understand how one translates to the other in this instance, can you explain further. If i can take a sword from my opponent, i will have no problem dealing with for example, a boxer?
I am not talking about a normal opponent, but if you can take a sword from a kendoka (someone who does kendo) then I honestly think you would have no problem dealing with someone like a boxer. Simply because the sward is moving faster then a punch, and you have to cover a longer distance (the length of the sword) to get in and disarm the person.

Even if you just have effective Tai Sabaki (body movements) against a swordsman, you will have no problems moving out of the way of a normal attack, eg a punch.


Graham Wild
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