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Re: Baseline skillset

Great post

I agree with just about everything you've said and wanted to clarify a few things.

1. It appears you are ackowledging these skills-having felt some of them- are great for AIkido and you may agree they -are- aikido. I have had an older Japanese student of O'sensei look me right in the eye and state to me, and another fellow you know, that "This is Ueshiba's Aikido. They don't teach this anymore you know. Its not in modern Aikido." These skills are the skills Aikido was based off if. Whether you look at it from a DR perspective or CMA. They are in fact, the basis of the art and what many teachers have knowingly held back. if they knew at all. What does that say for them?
What does it say for the men training in vain when these skills were available to them all along? I have more to say about this in my closing remarks about why I am here.

2. The use and goals.
I give you that I -may- not understand Aikido. I said "may not." But wish to add once again -I've said it so many times- that it is my belief that these skills hold the best potential to achieve that "open heart" you are talking about. In fact I think they make a quantum leap into resolving the oft seen passive/agressiveness prevelent in Aikidoka. Gentle folks will have actual power -real and whole- to stop attackers in a much more adroit and uninvolved fashion. These skills are the engine! It is where it came from in the first place. They are Aikido. Without them, no real AIkido.
It is the way, and no other.
As I have said Takeda had the skills that gave Ushihiba what he needed to fulfill his vision. It is this power that comes closest to allowing someone to defend without causing harm. AND THAT was the real vision of peace. These skills are better able to get folks there.
Most Aikido men I have met and felt me, find the potential they both see and feel ...abso..freakin..lutly thrilling. As they have stated here after meeting me. And I -actually-teach them how to do it.
No I'm not much into Aikido. Not my cup of tea. But I am fully able to understand the mindframe and completely respect it. Even admire it.

So , though no person is unstoppable I'd place my money on folks having these skills in their aikido over anyone else in aikido without them. I woud like to add that I have been surrounded by aikidoka lately. I tell them to take these skills and work them and use them in their Aikido to make it better. Further, to not even tell folks where they got it. My focuse is to build them. I understand what its like to have been lied to and have had things held back.

3. Why here?
Read the last sentence of the last paragraph. I get it Bud. I know what its like to see the magic and want it. I recognize sincere people who are hungry and genuine in their search. I hope to help them in a way that works. ANd also has to work for me.
While I will take the many digs I have received here, I offer you this in closing.
What can you say regarding -my- open heart.
I don't try to talk folks into MMA who visit. I tell them to stay in it and do what ever they wish.
That I teach for free.
That I hold no thing back.
That I open my dojo to folks from the CMA, MMA, Karate, Judo and...AIkido and I give time, many times 5 hours at a wack.
I ask no money and no recognition.
I even tell them to call me at night when they are solo training if they have questions
I hear and I understand do others?
What did you say..."Open heart?"
I think some "teachers" In Aikido need to sit up and take notice of what some kind hearted men with open hearts who have seen men lied to by Budo teachers, physically damaged and abused, and seen things held back...... are in fact willing to do to help.
With nothing asked for in return.
My hand is out ...only for a handshake. We laugh and have a great time. Kinda sounds like what Ueshiba was hoping for afterall.
And that ain't so bad.

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