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Re: The fact that you believe a nuclear plant can explode....

I have tried to keep balanced view on the fukushima situation over the past year, but I'm coming to the conclusion that this is still a potentially massive disaster for Japan. We know at this stage that people as far away as Tokyo and Chibe recieved much higher doses of radiation than were initially announced.

On top of that, fish in lakes in Gunma are testing five times the limit for caesium.

A tenth of the country has been contaminated:

This article also addresses something I have wondered for the past year: Why the government/Tepco didn't encase the whole site in concrete:

Basically, the radiation in this reactor is so strong that it cannot send robots in to asses the damage!
Humans would die within seven minutes.

IMO, they need to encase the reactor in concrete and declare a huge area a no-go zone.
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