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Re: Bara Bara training thoughts?

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
That is kind of what I was suggesting at the start. However, I am also reminded of the phrase "man of many talents, master of none". I liked your link on Decision Training which is an interesting study, but it seems to me this is still part of an organised training programme (controlled exposure to "bara bara" learning). And it could be argued that some elements already exist regarding this within aikido where as I see it, kata are meant to be living, adaptable matrices rather than dry fixed forms (hence initially different but ultimately analogous multiple forms of training such as the ken, jo and unarmed techniques, the kotai forms verses ki-no-nagare, etc).
You're probably right - in my work the normal format is for someone to demonstrate, describe, discuss, and "don't" their way through a very structured system - it works, but it's not that great at the top level. I get people to experiment and play around, and the ones that take things on board go pretty far. (so far from the novices I've coached in rowing there have been two with Olympic medals (one with 4 medals), and a few more with worlds medals. others, coached by people I've trained one-on-one as coaches have produced people with multiple world level medals, so I'm fairly sure the things my coaches showed me and the coaching methods I've developed have some validity)...
Anyhoo - a mix of structure and randomness seems to keep both working fairly well..
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