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Re: Bara Bara training thoughts?

A genuine smile is not a technique, nor is it intended to function as a "stall tactic" or false bravado. To be genuine, it must spring from a solid foundation of personal courage, well earned confidence in one's abilities, and a compassionate need to resolve conflicts of any nature without resorting to violent words or actions as the first resort.

I am curious as to why we do not believe, in general, that there is much more to training in Aiki than simply bashing and being bashed.

Morihiro Saito was a true giant of Aikido, and I have been privileged to train with him at Iwama. Yet the first and only time I did, I had to pair with Inagaki Sensei, and we both had to ratchet it up to make it through. It was Saito Sensei himself who stopped the "practice" by throwing me in a realistic manner. The look on his face when I arrived the following week with NIdai Doshu was classic.

I gained much from the experience, and note that Inagaki Shihan assists Isoyama Shihan at the old shrine. Both are fine gentlemen.

Color me Californian, tie died, and goofy. What others think of me is non of my business. I yam what I yam, and this works for me and my core supporters. I truly believe that we have not even scratched the surface of Aiki's potential, and shame on us "leaders" for not getting the message, change our behavior, and do justice to the Founder's true intent of interacting harmoniously within our respective societies. Aiki Principles are universal, yet we tend to treat such exploration of their obvious benefits as taboo, or a feat beyond our skill and interest.

I am positive that the majority of experienced Aikido adepts would have no problems dealing with actual attacks. Isn't it time to include the study of the myriad wonders that Aiki training promises?

So, I will continue to "beam" at the people I meet. It has worked wondrously for me over the years, and I am still to engage in my first "fight".

Amir, great example of Aiki principles in action! Reminds me of a quote attributed to the late Henry Ford. "Whether you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are right."

I think we can.

In Oneness

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