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Chris Farnham
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Bara Bara training thoughts?

Bara Bara is a Japanese word that generally translates as scattered, disperse, disconnected, in pieces...I am using it here in reference to the fact that I am currently training with multiple groups. I am regularly practice with two seperate groups with a third(a reletively nearby Shihan's dojo) that I visit semi regularly, and on occasion I make trips to the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo and Hombu. While I sometimes enjoy seeing a variety of approaches to the art it can also be a bit frustrating when I am told to do something one way one dojo when two days earlier I was adamently told the exact opposite at another dojo. Of course I have my own opinions of which approaches are best but whenever I am at one dojo I try to leave things I have learned at other dojos at the door. Sometimes I wonder if this is aiding or retarding my growth. I was lucky in that my first five years of training were with one teacher whose approach to Aikido I respected, and who had learned from a high level Japanese Shihan. The irony is that now that I live in the birthplace of Aikido, I have to run around just to get in a decent amount of practices each week. What are other peoples thoughts on this kind of training? If you do it, do you think that it helps you or hinders you? How do you put it all together to find the underlying commonalities? How do you bring unity to your practice?
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