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Re: What do you say when you see Aikido done like this?

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
I would agree that Endo Sensei isn't as OTT with his no-touch stuff but both are leading their opponents in a similar way in my opinion. I write this having witnessed both teachers first hand, including taking ukemi for Endo Sensei. People whose opinions I trust have taken ukemi for Watanabe Sensei.

I think Hirosawa Shihan strays into the same territory, but his foundation is still connection through intention.
I have also taken ukemi for Endo (everybody that visits one of his seminars have), but I have never actually seen him do any no touch-stuff, either live or on Youtube. I have not grabbed him in an Iwama-fashion but I have done that with several of his swedish students and I would say that most of them can move from a strong grip at least as well as Iwama students on the same level.
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