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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art

As for Aikido's effectiveness . . . I have seen where a few minutes of instruction have saved people from being taken hostage. A simple break away caused a man from an insane ward to run and get someone other than my girlfriend at the time! Yes effective.

I have shown very simple techniques to people that show how easily I take their balance yet it looks like I am keeping them from falling. If they resist, I simply let go. Can I help it if they fall on their head and get a concussion? Effective . . . yes. Dangerous . . . yes.

The point of Aikido is to avoid being hurt yourself. It is most often a very passive art. Some forms teach no hits or kicks. But the throws can be very dangerous. Most originated from killing Samurai that were wearing armor, by breaking their neck!

But do not expect to understand Aikido in even a few short years, let alone be proficient at it. Unlike other arts, it removes all the bad habits like blocking. Instead you learn to simply not be where the attack is coming to. This skill is used in many things. I even used it to impress a young man with a water balloon on the lake. He could not understand how he missed me! Just suddenly I was not there. Understood properly it will affect all your dealings with others in daily life. . . not to fight but to give in and then with slight alterations . . . control. Yes it works. Once you truly understand it.
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