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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art

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One of my concerns right now is whether my training would work for me in a fight . If it does not , i shall try to find ways to make it work . I cannot seem to find people teaching aikido in a practical way . Everyone now seems to be doing the same old , shomen uchi , yokomen uchi etc . I understand that is the traditional stuff . But don't we need to evolve at the same time ?
Sure, I guess. But evolve for what? You say you wonder if your training would work "in a fight". How many fights do you get into, and why? What are you fighting for? What is your opponent fighting for? Do they want to muss your hair, or steal your wallet, or beat you into a bloody pulp for insulting their sister? What skills and weapons are they armed with, and what are they trying to with them? And where are the cops in all this?

Asking if your aikido will work "in a fight" is like asking if a vehicle will work "for a trip". A trip to where, the corner store? The Hebrides? There's no point in questioning the usefulness of aikido if you can't say what you want to use it for.
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