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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art

I can not give you an answer from the perspective of an Aikidoka, but I can give you a little insight from someone who is pursuing aikido and who has a good deal of experience in Boxing and a few Brawls. Any system or art you practice needs to be practice under the conditions that you intend to apply them in. For this reason a lot of people prefer or seem to find more value from sport derived martial arts becuase they are pressure tested, this however dose not mean that they will work any better then Aikido. I will however state that a system that has been pressure tested stands a better chance in a real life situation then one that is not.( this is my own opinion and a great deal of people may disagree).

That being said, the more exposure you have to different martial arts the better understanding you will gain of aikido and any other Martial art that you practice. I personally plan on pressure testing my aikido once im at a level I can do it safely. Its also my belief that aikido works better in accordance with an other system if its to be used as self deffence. There is no such thing as the perfect martial art and Aikido will offer you a skill set that boxing, judo, or bjj wont.

You will find good and bad practitioners in all martial arts. I once took a Bjj class from an "instructor" who was out of shap, did not participate in the class and continued to reference a book during class. I never went back.

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